BEMO Project History

The Boguchany aluminium smelter is part of the Boguchany Energy and Metals Complex (BEMO), a joint project between UC RUSAL and the Russian producer of hydroelectric power, RusHydro.

BEMO is a unique project in terms of its characteristics and sheer scale: it is the largest energy and metals investment project in the world. 

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The BEMO complex includes the Boguchany aluminium smelter with an annual capacity of almost 600 thou. tonnes of primary aluminium and the Boguchany HPP with installed capacity of 3,000 MW. 

The BEMO project was implemented in record time. The agreement to jointly implement it was signed by UC RUSAL and RusHydro in 2006. And as soon as 2012 the first hydroelectric units went into operation at the Boguchany HPP. 

BEMO is a key element in the programme of integrated development of the areas adjacent to the lower Angara river, the largest investment project to have been attempted in Russia in the past 25 years. The implementation of the BEMO project will create a major source of electric power that will boost industrial development in the region. 

The BEMO project is a good example of cooperation between the state and private businesses and is part of the Programme of Integrated Development of the Areas Adjacent to the Lower Angara River, the largest investment project to have been attempted in Russia in the past 25 years. The implementation of the BEMO project is a key milestone in the programme of industrial development of the Lower Angara area, which includes the construction of a paper mill, development of gas condensate and iron ore deposits, construction of a new railway line and a network of motorways. 

Social and economic significance of the BEMO project

  • The project will preserve human resources and ease tension in the labour market by creating 10,000 new jobs both during construction and during operation of the new industrial facilities. 
  • Over 50% of the equipment used by the new industrial facilities are supplied by Russian companies, 30% by Krasnoyarsk located companies 
  • The average monthly pay at the Boguchany HPP is RUR 63 thousand and at BEMO smelter – around RUR 50-55 thousand
  • This project will drastically improve the social and demographic situation in the area as it will keep young people from leaving, boost the purchasing power of the local population, help the development of professional and specialised schools, develop the infrastructure, the market for goods and services, promote implementation of housing programmes and financing of utilities etc.
  • The project will ensure population growth in towns and villages in the Krasnoyarsk region, which will generate additional tax revenue both during construction and during operation of the facilities. The added benefit will be improved infrastructure of the entire area around the lower Angara river 
  • Annual consumption of electricity by the project will be 10.4 billion kWh 

Numbers and factsNumbers and facts
588,000 tonnes of aluminium per year

BEMO smelter has the 3rd place in Russia by aluminium production capacity