Production Process

The Boguchany aluminium smelter will use the world’s most popular production process: electrolytic reduction of alumina in liquid cryolite bath using prebaked anodes. 

BEMO smelter

The production facilities of the smelter include potrooms, a casthouse and an anode baking area, as well as electricity supply and infrastructure facilities. The main production area consists of two potlines each with annual production capacity of 296 thou. tonnes of aluminium. Each potline includes two production shops.

BEMO smelter will have a total of 672 RA-300 pots that utilise a process developed by UC RUSAL, which allows a single pot to produce up to 2,442 kg of aluminium per day.

There are also four gas treatment plants as well as a water recycling system – the first such system ever used at a Russian aluminium smelter. Equipment for the smelter is supplied by leading global manufacturers in Canada, France, Australia and Germany.

Raw materials for the production of aluminium will be supplied to BEMO smelter from all over the world. Alumina will be supplied by the Aughinish refinery in Ireland, a subsidiary of UC RUSAL. Anode blocks will be purchased in China. The other raw materials such as fluorspar, aluminium fluoride etc, are provided by Russian suppliers.

Numbers and factsNumbers and facts
2,600,000 thousand US dollars

A total BEMO smelter construction investments